how to enable "onboard ir port in bios"

  mammak 21:17 24 Nov 03

Hi folks complete novice so here go,s got a Nokia 7650 phone, been very brave and got into bios then freaked out as i did not know how to enable this infrared port, it reads as disabled os win xp pro, as it read,s in bios do,s this mean my pc is capable of infrared or should i just leave well alone and buy a bluetooth usb device, help much needed Mammak

  Quiller. 21:38 24 Nov 03

I doubt very much that the case has an Ir transceiver, think thats the right word, built into it. Loads of motherboards have these Ir connectors on the motherboard, but I have never come across a motherboard that ships with the receiver \ sender. This would be plugged into the M\B and then fitted to the front of the case. As Ir has to physically see each other.

The best way to communicate with a 7650 is to get a usb bluetooth dongle, about £20 with the software. You will also have to go to the Nokia website and download N7650_PCSuite_en. This is the Nokia software that will talk to the phone. It is 26.6meg.

You could alternatively buy a USB-Ir adaptor for about the same, but as I have mentioned above the phone would have to actually see the Ir device.

  mammak 22:04 24 Nov 03

Thanks bsod it would seem your right, wont play about in BIOS no more, new to all this so thought i,d give it a go, think i will go for a bluetooth dongle, seems the best option thanks for your replie regards Mammak

  Quiller. 07:03 25 Nov 03

I have set up, I think, five nokia 7650's.

The first two were with an Ir usb transceiver, bluetooth was very expensive then, twice the cost. The other three with the bluetooth dongle. The blue tooth is by far the easiest and best to communicate.

  mammak 10:47 25 Nov 03

Thank,s again bsod, had a look on the net the bluetooth as you say is by far the best. regards Mammak.

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