How to edit information in the Services folder(XP)

  hurricaneone 16:18 05 Jun 03


With Win XP Pro, there's a Services folder which controls which apps start on boot, or on a manual basis.

I'm trying to change the path to the .exe file of one of these entries (having changed the folder structure) but can't figure how to edit the path - I can't edit it directly in the Services entry.

Anyone know how to do this or have any ideas where the file is located to change this information?

Thanks for any help

  barrie_g 17:01 05 Jun 03

to what ends are you trying to alter the path?

there may be another way to achieve what you are wanting to do if you give us a bit more info.

  hurricaneone 17:09 05 Jun 03

So on Start up I can have the executable file fire up automatically.

I changed the folder path in File Explorer and now (of course) the Administrative Tools/Services document is pointing at the older (non-existant) folder, so is coming back 'Unable to start proggie'.

Does that help at all. I can't think of any other information that might be useful. Unfortunately.

  hurricaneone 17:46 05 Jun 03

You're kidding, right?

I seriously have to go and mess around with the registry to change a path of a Service?

(You'd have to see the look of incredulity on my face to actually believe how incredulous I am right now).

  hurricaneone 18:01 05 Jun 03

Indeed I did.

Well, I appreciate your effort, and I know that if I follow the instructions, I would end up getting the desired results, but I just can't bring myself to click the 'resolved' button.

There has to be a simpler way.

  barrie_g 18:28 05 Jun 03

system restore?

  hurricaneone 19:17 05 Jun 03

I'm thinking of doing a system restore, but to loose the Apache/php settings & files (Apache is the app I'm trying to change the link to), not to try and change the link to the .exe file in the Admin tools/System area.

This particular install setup has gone fzzzzz anyway.

I wish there was a way to get all irrelevant, old php files off of the system to do clean install - any ideas on that one?

  barrie_g 19:18 05 Jun 03

search? *.php

  hurricaneone 19:43 05 Jun 03

No, I mean all the .dlls and stuff like that.

I do have some useful files that have .php endings too, you know.


  barrie_g 19:54 05 Jun 03

sorry having now done my homework (click here anyone who is inerested) I am now of the opinion that I'm no use what so ever and I'm sorry to say that I have no further suggestions but good look in finding a acceptable solution and Apache and evrything else connected seems interesting and its been added to my favorites for when I have more time to spare.

  hurricaneone 20:42 05 Jun 03

I'm just doing the install from scratch, so as not to have the cgi issues. It's Apache .45, which has been rumoured not to like PHP so much, so I'm thinking of trying a previously successful install combo. (Apache .43 and PHP 4.3.1)

This current install keeps kicking back blank browser screens (when using click here) and errors in the error.log which claim that Apache cannot find the file in question. Fair enough, as whatever file is used, the path has a backslash error before the filename.php (ie Apache\htdocs/phpinfo.php)

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