How easy is it to upgrade laptop gfx, is there such a thing as an external card

  theDarkness 00:50 10 Jul 08

I would guess that even a usb external graphics card for a laptop would probably be a little slow! lol. im still wondering what the best option would be in trying to improve the graphics on a laptop when i have graphics only through its motherboard, with nothing dedicated..? I have a dual processor on the laptop, only 1.5g cpu, but it easily performs as well as my 2001 desktop pc with its 1.6 processor (not dual) and its seperate dedicated graphics card. The problem with the laptop is that while running just as fast with more complex 3d, some software just doesnt display as it should (textures or fx), no doubt due to its graphics driver which is never updated, so im wondering if external graphics will ever be an option if it isnt at present-anyone know?

  ambra4 05:50 10 Jul 08

It seems that there is a External Laptop Graphics Card available but do not know where to buy give

Asus Give than a call

United Kingdom: - 0870-120-8340 (09:00-17:00 Mon.~Fri.)

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