How does Netsky keep getting in

  Lillylou 11:42 29 Mar 04

I keep getting a Netsky virus, which is easy to get rid of but how does it keep getting through my up to date security. I never have the Preview Pane on and I never open an attachment unless I know who has sent it, but when one of them comes as an email it infects my PC. I block sender and bounce it back is this right. So far I have not been able to trace where it comes from so I can tell the person to clean their machine.

  cycoze 11:53 29 Mar 04

Asking the obvious here , you say "I keep getting a Netsky virus" , do you mean , i keep getting sent the virus ? or you keep getting infected?You say you have uptodate security , this does include an AntiVirus program , doesent it ?

Many Viruses these days infect a machine and pick a random email address from the address book to use in the ¬¨from¬¨ field when it sends itself out (say [email protected]), people who then recieve the virus think it has come from God , in true fact it has not , it has been sent from a machine who just has God`s address in its address book , it has been spoofed/Faked.

  Lillylou 12:01 29 Mar 04

Yes I do have Antivirus and I keep getting sent the virus in an email which I don't open. I block sender and bounce back and delete. Then I turn off system restore and run the two removal tools I have. As I said it is easy to get rid of them but its a pain all the time.

  The Spires 12:01 29 Mar 04

Quite a few on here use Mail Washer click here .Rather than bouncing the mail back it's better just to delete the message without touching it. As cycoze says it's probably a spoof and you could be helping to distribute the visus by bouncing it.

  cycoze 12:17 29 Mar 04

You do not need to keep switching system restore off and/or running the two removal tools you have , not unless your machine becomes infected , just having the mail come into your email account/program doesent infect it , some can infect just by previewing with the preview pane(good idea to turn preview off).

As The Spires dont bounce the mail back , it wont be going to the infected machine anyway, treat it the same as spam , just delete it , bounce backs just create more congestion.

  Lillylou 12:23 29 Mar 04

When one of these emails appears I get a message from AVG saying I have the virus that is why I run the removal tools. I thought you had to turn off system restore.

  The Spires 12:33 29 Mar 04

If you use Mailwasher you can delete emails off the mailserver before they get to your machine. Also quite a few IPS's do a virus scan & delete infected messages before they get to you, I know BT do & others, often this is optional but free.

  Lillylou 12:38 29 Mar 04

I had Mailwasher and it worked fine for a few days and then it won't let me read my emails and I uninstalled it.

  medicine hat 12:42 29 Mar 04

I seem to receive an email each day from myself. Yeah, like that's going to convince me to open the attachment.

  The Spires 12:47 29 Mar 04

I don't use AVG but is AVG telling you the mail has a virus in it rather than you have the virus on your Pc. I you scan a zip file for instance that has a virus in it your AV with inform you that the zip contains a virus but unless you run the execute file you wont be harmed.

  Lillylou 14:17 29 Mar 04

I will read the warning next time I get one and let you know.

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