How does Google search the UK?

  slightlymad 20:34 09 Feb 06

I'm thinking about setting up a small business offering freelance training in Photoshop.

I've always assumed that when Google searches the UK, it's looking for sites with a UK extension. If I decide on a dot com domain name and someone searches the UK, will Google unearth my site?

Also, is there any advantage in buying all three domains - .com, .uk and .eu? Would I then have to set up three separate host accounts, and a redirect page?


  Haol 20:47 09 Feb 06

Well I THINK, that it searches all the pages that have been indexed which have an ip adress in the U.K.

  ade.h 20:48 09 Feb 06

To Q2; there is some advantage if you are likely to have a popular domain name.

Q3; yes if you want potential visitors to find you regardless of which suffix they use. But would they get that wrong while getting the rest of your domain name correct?

Q1; It's probably to do with the domain registration process, which includes info about where that domain is held, or to with the DNS. I have a .com and it still appears in UK searches on all search engines.

  slightlymad 21:41 09 Feb 06

Thank you, Haol, ade.h and fourm member - you've answered everything.


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