how do you stop disk check at Startup???

  blacksamurai 13:34 05 Jan 05

I know that you can cancel the disk check, but i don't want it to appear at all.

Any help would be much appreciated.$

  igk 13:41 05 Jan 05

Can you be more specific,usually this only runs on startup if there is a problem with a hard drive!In which case you need to be finding out what is wrong (and correcting it)instead of turning it off and ignoring it.Hope this helps.

  blacksamurai 13:47 05 Jan 05

I was running a file that corrupted while in use, i was shown a blue screen and told that windows was shutting down to prevent loss of data or something like that.$

  Technotiger 13:48 05 Jan 05

Hi, I think you probably mean the Quick Power on Self-Test, this can be disabled in the BIOS under Advanced BIOS Features.


  Technotiger 13:49 05 Jan 05

Me again - a bit more info might help - what OS etc.

  blacksamurai 13:54 05 Jan 05

After letting the system complete its disk check after restarting, it has now alleviated the problem and the disk check screen no longer shows on startup.

Thank you 4 the help.$

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