How do you set up yours?? Home PC Builds!

  AMD 4 ever 07:48 22 Mar 03

Hi not really a problem, But I am merley curious as to how you all setup/configure your PC's after a build.

Here is my regime:

Build>Partition C: into 3 (Local/Driver/Downloads) Load relevant Windows folder to HDD and setup from C: > Once all setup install drivers for relevant components > Then install all Drivers to D:(5GB Partition) >

thats it mine and have found it is so versatile as if a reformat is required all drivers are there on the D: with no need to whip out all the CD's all the time.then any updates or downloads i have directed to the E:.

Once all tickety boo I make a CDR Copy of Drive D:(Drivers) so i then have a back up all on one CDROM.

Let me know if you do anything alike or totally different, purely out of interest.

  Spook Tooth 08:05 22 Mar 03

That's pretty much how Medion (Microstar) supplied my mother's PC. A good method!

My own self build is divided also, 40:30:60:20 in RAID 0 (which RayUk helped me set up). That's Windows and programs which need to run fast; other programs which can run slowly; media files (music, video etc); and my documents including downloads, drivers etc.

You remind me I also need to back up some of the downloads... I'll get around to it one day. (Just Battlefield 1942 downloads and game demos to save really.)

  AMD 4 ever 08:11 22 Mar 03

Thanks for that. Your RAID Setup sounds quite nice. I have RAID and I do not use it to it's full ability...

  AMD 4 ever 17:46 22 Mar 03

Anyone else?

  BurrWalnut 17:55 22 Mar 03

I have an A4 checklist, that starts with FDISK/FORMAT and finishes with download updates. The list also contains Windows Keys/Product ID, serial numbers and the like.

I have all the windows updates on a CD-R so I don't have to do many downloads, the odd Adaware, AVG.

  AMD 4 ever 18:01 22 Mar 03

Sounds good BurrWalnut

  Big Elf 18:05 22 Mar 03

I also have a re-install checklist with serial no.s etc.

I have 2 hard drives and store the data, drivers, downloads and some programs onto c:\ and copy these to the d:\drive. I then run a couple of simple batch files to back up daily to this and a PCMCIA 5GB hard drive. I use the PCMCIA drive to copy files to my laptop.

I also back up data files to a CD-R and once a week take the latest version into the office so that it's off site.

Is this a record for back-up paranoia.

  AMD 4 ever 18:08 22 Mar 03

sounds very practical Big Elf.
Wish i was more like that.

  powerless 18:09 22 Mar 03


C: 100GB | D: 10GB | E: 5GB

C: WINDOWS XP - and all programs apart from "Computer Games"...I only have my essential programs which i really really really really like :-)

D: GAMES - At the moment has only SOF2 havn't had time to install my Ghost Recon ;-) Delta force blackhawk down is due at the end of the month so watch this space :-)

E: BACKUP - All downloaded programs, updates etc are on here. Nero updates, Adaware etc. I also have them on CD just incase...
Also important docs etc are shoved on here as well as being on CD.

F and G are Optical Drives

Whilst G is a 3GBB hard drive where Mandrake Linux is installed (i give up on redhat).

From time to time i switch the boot device and have a play with Linux.

I could if i wanted to make XP use the G drive as a swap file but not this time around.

  Big Elf 18:09 22 Mar 03

Forgot to mention that I back-up a few key data files to a compact flash card and I carry that with me.

  BurrWalnut 18:12 22 Mar 03

I don't think you are as paranoid as me.

My checklist even has entries where a backup(98SE) or restore point (ME/XP) has to be taken between say, reload camera software and update mouse driver.

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