How do you save the settings in the Neostar Slide Scanner?

  Onizuka 12 Nov 12

I have thousands of 35mm slides going back many years and have just bought a Neostar Slide Scanner to transfer them to my PC.

Every time I switch on the scanner the settings are for colour negative film, picture reversed (mirror image) and upside down. Every time I have to change the settings to slides, image the right way round and the right way up. The next time I switch on the scanner the settings have reverted to colour negative, etc.

While having to change the settings each time is no great hardship it is a nuisance as I have, on more than one occasion, forgotten to change it from mirror image. Holding up to the light a 30 or 40 year old slide of, for example, a landscape which one does not immediately recognise or remember, it is not obvious if it is the wrong way round. It is not until I view the scanned slides on the PC that I can see that writing is reversed or that my 1962 Ford Anglia has become left-hand drive!

Needless to say, there is nothing in the instruction manual about saving the settings or even if there is a default setting.

Does anyone know if there is a way of saving the settings?

  Onizuka 18 Nov 12


  Woolwell 18 Nov 12

Suggest that your lack of response indicates that not many (if any) have the scanner. I use an Epson for scanning slides and that usually retains the last setting automatically.

  Onizuka 19 Nov 12


Fair comment, but I find it difficult to believe that I am the only PCA subscriber who has this scanner.

  Peter 19 Nov 12


I have not had any experience of this product, but I Googled for it an came up with the following link, among many others. Perhaps a look at this site will get you some help. The instruction manual is available there for download.


  Onizuka 20 Nov 12


Many thanks for taking the trouble to post your answer, especially as you don’t have this scanner yourself.

I checked the downloadable PDF copy of the instruction manual and it is the same as the one that came in the box with the scanner, apart from the fact that the illustrations in the PDF are in colour whereas the printed manual is only in black and white.

Two points struck me looking at the Neostar website for which you provided the link. First, the price was £99.95 while I paid £59.95 for the same item from and I would certainly have thought twice about buying it for virtually £100. Secondly, one of the Customer Reviews stated “I didn’t realise the scanner reverted to negatives every time it was switched off”. Exactly the point I was making in my original post. Nothing in the manual about it.



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