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How do you remove CD Drives from Evesham PC?

  GordonWT 21:51 08 May 03

I bought a new CD Writer for my Evesham Axis 1400WK PC.

I thought it would be dead easy to remove the old drive and replace it with the new one.....I was wrong.

There appears to be no obvious fixing for the old drive but I can't move it at all!!

I ended up putting the new one in the spare drive bay.

How on earth do you remove the CD Drives from this PC. I am planning a DVD Writer and will definitely have to remove the old CD Wrier then.

Help please!!


  TBH1 22:11 08 May 03

try emailing evesham

  jazzypop 22:27 08 May 03

My Evesham case is about 18 months old now. It uses a pair of rails, which are screwed to the sub-frame with 2 screws per rail. Undo these screws, the rails and CD drive should just slide out.

The drive itself is held in place by the pressure exerted by the rails, by means of a rocker/cam which means the rails are 'levered' against the drive.

Hope this makes sense.

  Pesala 22:29 08 May 03

I suspect that you will get a reply asking you to phone technical support, which will cost you £1 a minute. Worth paying £2 or £3 to avoid damaging your PC, but if you hang around here for a while someone may be able to help out. I have an Evesham PC, but I am not going to try to take it apart just to find out if I can get it back together again. Anyway, it is a Quest model not an Axis so may not be assembled in the same way.

  Pesala 22:32 08 May 03

What did I tell you? Even before I finished posting my message, Jazzypop pops up.

  Steve27 22:39 08 May 03

Hi, you need to remove the front panel to remove the drive, puzzled with this myself.

  jazzypop 22:48 08 May 03


Thanks Steve27, you are quite right. The front of the case can be removed by first removing both side panels (2 screws per panel at the rear). Then look inside the front panel, there is a small plastic clip top and bottom. Release these from the inside of the case, the front swings off, drives can be slid in and out with the rails left in place.

At least in can on my Axis (I just did it to confirm).

  hoverman 06:50 09 May 03

Evesham's Technical Support by telephone for operating system and hardware issues are at the National rate. The £1/minute is for application and software support.

  GordonWT 01:42 12 May 03

Thanks for the info Jazzy.

I'll give it a go when I get a DVD Recorder.


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