How do you measure the size of monitors?

  The Dazza 07:35 19 Aug 05

I have a monitor which I think is 17inch, however, when I did a search on google under the model number it came up as 21inch. Can anyone tell me the correct way to measure this? I thought 17inch was standard but not sure.

  Luigimario5000 07:49 19 Aug 05

Measure from the bottom left hand corner of the screen to the top right hand corner of the screen.
I'm pretty sure but I might be wrong.

  User-312386 07:54 19 Aug 05

As Luigimario5000 has said, to measure the size of a monitor you measure the diagonal of the screen

  The Dazza 07:55 19 Aug 05

That makes it 16 inch!

  Satmansq 07:56 19 Aug 05

Luigi is right you measure monitors diagnally, and even then you may end up a little short of the stated size as the plastic surround sometimes hides a part of the screen that is used to calculate size.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:56 19 Aug 05

Which is a 17inch CRT - usually has 16inch viewable.

TFTs have all 17inches viewable...

  The Dazza 07:58 19 Aug 05

...thanks guys, my monitor is 17inch after all then.

  Satmansq 07:59 19 Aug 05

Just for the record I have 2 17 inch monitors, 1 measures 16 inch and the 16.25 inch

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