How do you make a bootable Floppy Disk ?

  Giggle n' Bits 10:51 28 Apr 04

I may have one but not sure if it the same as a Bootable Floppy disk.

The reason I need one is to Flash the BIOS.
I need to create one for Win98SE.

I do have a Floppy disk which says Win98SE Boot Disk & it was the one which came with my Windows 98SE CD year ago.

So can someone tell me if this Floppy is the same as a Bootable Floppy Disk please ?

  MichelleC 11:00 28 Apr 04

You can always get one from here click here

BTW why do you need to flash bios?

  sicknote 11:00 28 Apr 04

Yes !!!

  Smegs 11:11 28 Apr 04

It's the same one.

  TomJerry 11:26 28 Apr 04

But, you can also flash bios under windows with special utility.

  pj123 12:24 28 Apr 04

As MichelleC says, why do you want to flash the BIOS? I did it once a long time ago and it was a complete disaster. I think there is a thread running at the moment where someone flashed the BIOS and now the computer won't boot. Be careful.

  TomJerry 12:31 28 Apr 04

stay away with hacked bios flash. I flash my pc bios a few times, never had any problem.

  Lobsang 13:22 28 Apr 04

flashing bios is sometimes useful. You do not need a boot disk to do this. Download the bios file and run it and it will tell you to insert a floppy and copy some files over to it. Then restart your computer and it will automatically install it.

  QuickHare 13:33 28 Apr 04

Go to Start, Control Panel. Go to Add/Remove Programs, and on one of the pages will be a button saying "Create startup disk".

This is another name for a boot disk, and can be created this way in all Windows except XP (as Microsoft thinks you never need a boot disk again, ever).

All you need is one floppy disk (hopefully a working one) and about five minutes of your time.

  Giggle n' Bits 19:21 28 Apr 04

Reading the about the problems as the Asus Website the Fix is to update the BIOS from release 1002 too 1003 to fix it.

The problems that I have encountered is there is a Power loss restart problem and a install O's read problem but Asus describe it abit more tech.

Thanks everyone for the imput.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:56 28 Apr 04

Worrying over nothing, just something new to me and sounded more difficult that it actuially is.

Thanks everone in the Forum !.

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