How do you know if your PC will handle USB 2.0 ?

  Anonymouse 19:40 19 Jan 03
  Anonymouse 19:40 19 Jan 03

If you just fit a 4 port USB 2.0 card in a Pc running Win 98 SE - is it likely to work as USB 2 or will it revert to the previous USB version ?

Does it depend on the mobo ?

  Djohn 19:42 19 Jan 03

Depends on Mobo, it will tell you in manual.

  Anonymouse 19:47 19 Jan 03

So if the mobo is pre- USB 2.0 its no chance !

  Djohn 19:50 19 Jan 03

Anonymouse, I think you are correct, but wait for conformation from someone who knows for sure. Regards, J.

  « Ravin » 19:53 19 Jan 03

even if your mobo suports it , i don't think microsoft have included usb 2.0 support in windows 98. even for windows xp , it only works after installing the sp1 patch

  Djohn 19:56 19 Jan 03

I'm on 98se with elite K7s6A M/Board and I have USB2 x 6 ports, Canon scanner runs at x2 speed.

  « Ravin » 20:07 19 Jan 03

so it is supported in windows 98? i read click here that microsoft would not provide support for the win 9x range..

  Djohn 20:36 19 Jan 03

« Ravin » Not sure but the best I can make from that is that MS will not provide drivers or support, but Canon scsnner driver is USB2 and it seems to be working fine. If not then my scans will realy fly when I adjust it!

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