How do you insert .....

  Munkeysbum 15:34 07 May 03

How do you insert a link to a previous discussion in the current reply.

  _Treb_ 15:39 07 May 03

OK open the link that you want to use and copy the url then paste it in this box.

  vinnyT 15:39 07 May 03

Bring up the posting you wish to link to in your browser (in a new page), highlight the address and just paste into your current reply.

  GroupFC 15:44 07 May 03

Open the thread in another window,right click the adress in the adress bar and copy, go to the thread in which you want to put the link, right click and paste.

It's really that simple (I know because I've done it!). When the reply is posted the little gremlins at PCA work their magic and turn it into a blue "click here".

  GroupFC 15:45 07 May 03

Must type quicker!!

  Munkeysbum 15:55 07 May 03

Thanx everybody..... I should have known it was the new window trick.

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