how do i work the S/PDIF port!!!

  neghness 15:03 10 Jun 04


i am looking to hook my PC up to my Hi-FI (PC speakers just aren't loud enough!!)
i have an asus A7V8X motherboard, with an XP 2600+ processor, running windows XP home. i am using the avance AC'97 audio driver, but can't work out how to get S/PDIF port to output into my AUX connection on my Hi-Fi. in the instruction booklet, it says that there is 'Soundmax' drivers on the support CD, but there isn't, only avance AC'97.
just wondering if anyone knows how to use the avance drivers to work the S/PDIF, or if there are any other drivers out there that will support S/PDIF.

thanks in advance

  neghness 15:54 10 Jun 04

not sure what you call it exactly, but its the red and white connection, for left and right sound. think thats phono, but i'm not sure...

  neghness 16:11 10 Jun 04

the line out jack is different to the aux port on my hi-fi, will i need to buy a special cable to connect the two? i only have one with phono ends on both ends

  neghness 16:38 10 Jun 04

i bumping but i really need to know how to do this people, its really annoying me now!!! any help much appreciated

  neghness 16:40 10 Jun 04

sorry, it should say 'i bumping', not 'i bumping', typo!

  neghness 16:41 10 Jun 04

erm, u can't type another word for dislike, which isn't even sweraing h8

  neghness 21:43 10 Jun 04

bump, see above post!!

  accord 22:10 10 Jun 04

i think you will need to buy a cable with 2 phono plugs at one end and a jack plug the other,

click here and enter NZ46A into the product search. i think this may be the one

  hugh-265156 22:44 10 Jun 04

as accord says you will need to purchase a cable.

what you need for stereo is 1x 3mm jack to 2x phonos commonly sold as a 'minidisc lead'

the small headphone jack plugs into your soundcard line out and the L & R phonos connect to your amp or hi fi.

  hugh-265156 22:46 10 Jun 04

heres a pic click here

  accord 22:52 10 Jun 04


yeah thats the one but i cant find it maplins. how about this one click here

neghness: hope this helps

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