How do I work out my internet speed?

  geek84 09:20 21 May 14

Good Morning Folks

How do I work out my internet speed?

At present, my provider (Virgin Media) states that I get a speed of 60mb per second. Is that good?

I only use the internet for browsing web pages and never download music. The only downloads that I do are some documents that are attached to emails sent to me by colleagues/friends.

If I downgrade to a lesser speed, would it make much difference?


  wiz-king 10:30 21 May 14

There are plenty of speed checkers about. No, but if you stream TV programs you may have problems.

  BRYNIT 11:55 21 May 14

Up to 50MB is the slowest speed Virgin Media offers these days if yo are on a higher speed you may save a few pound down grading to this.

  BT 17:46 21 May 14

I'm on VM 60mb but rarely get that.

The Speedtest site will give wildly varying speeds depending on the server it selects automatically. I get anything between 19 and 52 depending on the server. I live in Norwich and the Norwich server is usually slow, whereas the Basildon server is much faster although much further away.

  john bunyan 18:38 21 May 14

I only have a "up to 8 mbps" connection and find it perfectly adequate - I do not download films nor play online games. I am interested , for amateur use, what these super speeds are needed for. I use

  wiz-king 18:54 21 May 14

john bunyan The only advantage of higher speed is if you want to play online games or watch video/tv without the circle of buffering.(or waiting for PCA to load the adverts)

  john bunyan 19:56 21 May 14


Thanks for the explanation. I only watch catch up TV on s LG smart TV in a room remote from the router. For ages I tried to get it going using the built in wireless connection and got a 0.8 mbps download - hopeless amount of buffering. In the same spot in that room my iPad gets over 8mbps. Recently bought a pair of Homeplugs - job done - get over 8mbps with no buffering. I suspect that I Player etc work ok at about 3mbps or better.

  Number six 22:59 21 May 14

If you are using only one device requiring internet connection, there is little point in going much over 20 - 30 Mb. You will notice little or no speed gains. If all you do is a little general browsing, 10Mb is probably sufficient.

These super-fast speeds of 60Mb upwards are really intended for households which need video-streaming capabilities and multi-user connections.

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