how do i wipe xp

  carlinglover 19:25 28 Mar 05

i have networked 2 pcs but the 2nd had been playing up.. i now have no icons or start menu on the 2nd and wondered in lamen terms how do i wipe xp from start up so i can then insert xp disc and re install... wont let me re install til i wipe this one ty for any help

  SANTOS7 19:28 28 Mar 05

click here
this may help,good luck.....

  carlinglover 19:32 28 Mar 05

thanx for that but it wont let me install xp i need someway to wipe b4 i try again

  johnnyrocker 19:35 28 Mar 05

system restore?


  carlinglover 19:36 28 Mar 05

got no icons or start menu the scree only has back ground picture???

  carlinglover 19:37 28 Mar 05

how do i wipe the hard drive and start from fresh please?

  SANTOS7 19:38 28 Mar 05

Have you tried pressing F8 as you startup and selecting "last known good configuration"

  iambeavis 19:42 28 Mar 05

Try Ctrl+Alt+Del and, if it brings up Task Manager, go to File - New Task and type in explorer.exe - it should create a fresh desktop with icons and start menu.

  MGNM 19:46 28 Mar 05

Do you want to format and start again -- is that what you mean?

Note: new breed of answerers on here now. Need for precision in questions otherwise they all go off at a tangent :o)

  carlinglover 19:48 28 Mar 05

i think what is really needed is to wipe xp off the pc and start again please anyone how do i do that?

  SANTOS7 19:52 28 Mar 05

My computer>right click C\: drive>select format,if you have not tried any of the other suggestions try that.

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