How do i watch tv on my computer?

  silas.b 00:11 13 Mar 03

Ive got a pc and a graphics card that says something about a tv tuner.
i was wondering if this meant i could watch tv on it.
if so can someone please tell me how to go about it.(anything i would have 2 buy?)
have any of you guys got the set up.

let me know thanks.

  Djohn 00:25 13 Mar 03

Do you know the make/model of your graphics card?

  silas.b 00:26 13 Mar 03

radeon 8500lel.

thanks for the reply Djohn!

  Djohn 00:38 13 Mar 03

click here I've had a look at the card here, think it's the same one, but it does not mention TV tuner.

It does say TV output, but that will mean, you can connect to your TV and play games/movie's from your PC, and watch them on the telly.

Usually, but not always you need a separate card. (TV tuner card). This fits into one of the pci slots on the rear of PC, and all you need to do is run an aerial cable to it, and tune in your channels. Have a look at your card, does it have a socket to take a coaxial cable. J

  goonerbill 00:52 13 Mar 03

unless you card is an ALL IN WONDER 8500, you only have tv out and as Djohn said you can use ya tv as ya monitor and will need a seperate card to see tv on ya pc.

  silas.b 00:54 13 Mar 03

if it is all in wonder do i just plug and play?

  Djohn 01:02 13 Mar 03

Again, it will depend on your O/S. If you are using win xp then it should be ok, if not you will need a driver for it, probably from the ATI website.

But once installed and set up through the driver, you can connect an extension aerial cable from your TV/Video, and then tune into the Chanel's, some cards have auto. tuners and will find the stations for you.

You will then have the choice of watching TV in full screen on your monitor, or in a reduced window while you do other work on the PC. J.

  silas.b 01:16 13 Mar 03

do u have tv in urs?

  Djohn 01:20 13 Mar 03

No :o)

TV is only 10 feet away to my left, so I can watch it out of the corner of my eye, while playing about with the PC :o)

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