How do I view photos sent to me by email

  ipp123 19:33 13 Jan 03
  ipp123 19:33 13 Jan 03

My sister sent me some photos from her digital camera unfortunately she sent them in ALBM file type.How can I convert them to jpeg for viewing?

  graham 19:40 13 Jan 03

is an Irfanview file type. The easiest way is to ask your sister to convert at her end and re-send them.

  JoeC 19:43 13 Jan 03

an HP file type. Irfanview - as far as I am aware - does not support this file type. Agree with graham that you get your sister to save them as Jpeg type ansd resend.

  graham 19:56 13 Jan 03

Sorry, can't find albm file type anywhere.

  JoeC 19:57 13 Jan 03
  ipp123 23:42 13 Jan 03

Thanks for the replies. Now I don't have to send myself crazy,just ask sis to convert it cheers all

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