How do I view .pdf files on iPhone?

  Phil Ocifer 16:28 29 Sep 12

I've got some self made music sheets which I've printed to pdf using Bullzip. The files are tiny, approx 20-30k and I've dragged them onto my iPhone but can't seem to find them using adobe PDF viewer or any other viewer, and I've now loaded about 5 of the blasted things (ha ha) - starting to think I'm inept LoL

So any clues please, most warmly received and if you want to just post some links for dummies it would be most appreciated.

Cheers for now. Phil

  Woolwell 16:47 29 Sep 12

"dragged them onto" - if it is like the iPad then you use iTunes or iCloud or something like Dropbox to transfer the files.

  Phil Ocifer 09:40 30 Sep 12

Sorted thanks, now I have had a little more time to investigage. I tried to do it in a spare 5 mins so yes, I just dragged them onto my iphone in ITunes interface but that didn't work.

What you actually have to do is (through the iTunes interface) select Apps, then at the bottom there's a section for File Sharing, so click on the Adobe Reader icon and click the Add button, find the files on the PC, select them and bingo!!



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