How do I use a Half-life mod.?

  Cybermaxx 21:51 09 May 04

Okay, I've bought and installed Half-Life. It works fine. Then I installed (from a magazine cover disc) the mod 'Day of Defeat'. When I click on the DOD desktop shortcut, it puts up a message saying, "Your Half-Life \Executable has been modified", and that's all it does. How do I run Day of Defeat?

PS. Yes, this is the first time I've tried to out a mod.!

  Dan the Confused 22:11 09 May 04

What happens when you run Half-Life? Is there an option somewhere to run the mod?

  Cybermaxx 22:15 09 May 04

I get exactly the same response when I click on the Half-Life desktop icon. It WAS working before I installed Day of Defeat.

I've just uninstalled the whole lot. I'll try installing Half-Life again, and try to find a different mod. online.

  mosie 22:16 09 May 04

Make sure that you have updated the half life installer. I think its version 1.1.10 Steam now controls half life launcher and you must register you games (both Half and DoD) Dod is on ver 1. Available from click here

good luck

  Cybermaxx 22:23 09 May 04

Half-Life installer!? I did check for online updates from Half-Life's in-game menu, but it just said that the game was up-to-date. I'll take a look at your Steam link, thanks.

Really, my problems are down to a lack of knowledge. I'm just blundering around expecting everything to work like a Playstation.........

  Cybermaxx 22:27 09 May 04

Right, I've downloaded the Installer.

So, I have Half-life on CD, Day of Defeat on a different CD, and the installer is on my desktop.

If I re-install Half-Life, what do I do next to ensure that DOD works?

  mosie 00:01 10 May 04

if you bought DOD then you just install it. If you download it you must install it the half life directory on your hard drive. You can only play DOD online so you need steam. Once installed right mouse button on games and add DOD to steam games ....

happy installing

  Cybermaxx 22:50 24 May 04

Thanks Mosie! I did get Day of Defeat working with Steam, and it's a very good game. Imean, I'm hopeless at it, but it's still very good......... I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other Half-Life mods.

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