How do I upgrade from windows 95 to windows 98 ?

  mattij70 09:19 10 Jul 03

Is it best for me to format the "C" drive and then load win 98, or can I just load win 98 striaght over the top of win 95.

Any advice would be much appreciated

  rubella 09:57 10 Jul 03

i believe a clean install is best for optimal results. if everything is running happily though, you could just whack it straight in over the top.

  h04x 10:23 10 Jul 03

i think that a clean install with a format is the best way to do it, as win 95 might have files that win 98 wont use but they wont be deleted so u will have files from win 95 lying about in your HDD when they are not used and jus slow your pc right down as windows has to search through them to get to the one it needs so with files from win 95 lying about it makes it more files to search

  -pops- 10:31 10 Jul 03

I've never had much success upgrading one operating system to another. Every time something had either gone wrong or, if it seemed to instal correctly, the new system was corrupt.

Much, much better to do a clean install after formatting. remember to collect all necessary drivers before you do this and make a record of all important information.


  mattij70 11:19 10 Jul 03

Thanks everyone

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