How do I undo a sata cable ?

  setecio 12:41 20 May 08

I can't believe I'm asking this but I can't find anything on the net about how to undo a sata connector.

The thing seems stuck in both the motherboard and the hard drive and there don't seem any clips to release it.

What is the secret ?

  Technotiger 12:43 20 May 08

There are no clips - you just pull it!

  setecio 12:44 20 May 08

the power cable came off with some easy pull and wiggle, but I don't want to break the sata connector if there is a clip, and it doesn't seem to budge with pull and wiggle !

  setecio 12:46 20 May 08

Pulled a bit harder and it worked.

I wanted to just remove it from the motherboard but the board was pulling up so much I'm sure it would break !

Anyway I got it off from the drive end.


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