How do I turn on the wireless button on windows 7?

  sunyla 13:52 PM 12 Aug 11

I can't turn on the "wireless turn on" button in the windows mobility center because it's light grey - how can I turn it on and how can I get wireless work? Thanks for your help.

  birdface 13:58 PM 12 Aug 11

Try Services and scroll down to WLAN and make sure it is set to automatic.

  sunyla 14:18 PM 12 Aug 11

Thanks, I set it on automatic and it's still the same.. Also my HP Wireless Assistant tells me Status "Disabled" and the "Turn off" (the disabled status) button is not clickable / light grey - any other thoughts?!

  rawprawn 14:55 PM 12 Aug 11

Have you accidentally turned off WI FI, the switch is usually at the front Right hand side on laptops.

  rawprawn 15:00 PM 12 Aug 11

Have a look here Mobility Centre

  woodchip 15:15 PM 12 Aug 11

If you are using a Laptop is WiFi turned on on the Laptop

  rdave13 15:23 PM 12 Aug 11

Try pressing the F12 key.

  sunyla 15:44 PM 12 Aug 11

F12 does nothing; I get nowhere in the mobility centre because the button is not clickable. There is a little button thing on the front right on my laptop, but I can't press it, I think it may just be a light when wireless is turned on (?) -- Any other thoughts?? Thanks!!!

  rdave13 15:51 PM 12 Aug 11

What model is it? On my HP G56 model I only press F12 without the FN key. We could search for how to enable wlan on your model.

  sunyla 16:48 PM 12 Aug 11

Thanks so much for your help. It's HP DV61330 SA T4300W7! I have a party tomorrow and need wireless for spotify!

  rawprawn 17:21 PM 12 Aug 11

Try sliding it to one side


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