How do I turn a video file 90 degrees?

  dave h 14:06 20 Aug 04

A little while back, I took a short ideo on my Panasonic FZ2, and being a stills photographer from way back, I turned the camera 90 degrees to frame the shot better.

Now I need to turn the video file back 90 degrees.

Can anyone suggest a (free) solution. I don't do video often, so I don't wan't to buy a program for a one time use.

  Rigga 14:33 20 Aug 04

Try VirtualDub click here

It's free and can do what you wish, I used it to rotate a video I took on my Sony DSC-T1.


  cherria 14:43 20 Aug 04

or microsoft movie maker 2 which is a free download if you have windoes XP will do this as well.

  dave h 11:55 21 Aug 04

Tried XP Movie maker, but because the video file is in .MOV format, it won't load it. :-(

  temp003 12:30 21 Aug 04

I once had to do the same thing. All I needed was to rotate the video.

I used RAD Video Tools (free - click here ) to convert the .mov to .avi first, then used FadeToBlack to rotate the video (shareware but you can use the trial version - click here ).

A bit circuitous, but that's what I did.

  dave h 17:12 21 Aug 04

Thanks Temp003, I'll give that a try.

And thanks to the others who offered help.

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