How do I turn "Off" Spybot,

  wee eddie 12:53 25 Aug 07

when I'm loading new Software/

It keeps telling me that the Download wants to make a Change to the Registry, but there is no way that I appear to be able to allow it.

Everything I touch on the Pop-up, Denies the Change.

  igk 12:58 25 Aug 07

Iv'e used Spybot for years and never had any pop ups are you sure that its spybot? and not another programme on your machine

  I am Spartacus 13:00 25 Aug 07

You might need to switch off Tea Timer.

  mfletch 13:04 25 Aug 07

Hi You are using the new spybot witch has tea timer if you want to stop it just right click on the icon in the system tray witch says spybot-SD resident and the click on resident protection,

Hope this helps you.


  wee eddie 14:23 25 Aug 07

How do I turn the Resident back on again?

  rawprawn 14:41 25 Aug 07


  rawprawn 14:44 25 Aug 07

Sorry wee eddie, you must also select "Advanced" in Mode to see Tools.

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