How do I switch off Microsoft update temporily

  gel 11:37 13 Feb 11


To test my start up times I want to switch off Microsoft updates temporarily
How do I

  isca2 11:47 13 Feb 11

Control Panel, Windows Updates, Change settings, Never Check for Updates

  gel 12:01 13 Feb 11

Thank you iscanut but I only want to turn off Microsoft updates and not Windows updates
Is this possible?

  Jwbjnwolf 12:18 13 Feb 11

No, I think you will be turning of windows updates whatever way you do it.
I think that what you mean by Microsoft updates, it is the same thing as windows updates.

If I am wrong, then others are sure to correct me.

  mooly 12:19 13 Feb 11

Microsoft is Windows I would have said. I know Windows update can update other things (drivers etc) Not really sure what you are trying to achieve tbh

Just follow iscanuts advice to turn off.

WU checks daily so once it has done so that's it for 24 hours. Also it checks well after boot up so shoudn't impact on start times anyway.

Just have to ask... how long is your start time from a cold boot up ? Whats the operating system and RAM fitted ?

  gel 12:30 13 Feb 11

Thanks for comments
From cold early morning start up with MSE Ok is approx 5/6 minutes
The pc is a dell about 6 years old Processor 1.60GHz 504 of RAM running XP windows SP3 home edition

I expect I am being critical of start up compared with my Desk top Windows 7 (4 months old)

The reason for the question is that a few threads ago on this forum some one was advised to switch off microsoft updates to speed up their start up times

  Jwbjnwolf 13:14 13 Feb 11

you must be bored in the mornings.
I bet you are able to make yourself a coffee/tea and drink it all before it boots up.
seeing that it is windows XP, you might as well in a few months time as Microsoft is soon to finish the updates for the 11 yr old OS.

Do you have a registry cleaner program such as Tuneup Utilities or Auslogics Registry Booster?

I am guessing the windows registry is chocking for space.
It needs defragmenting.
Even if you defrag the hdd regularly, Microsoft made it to miss the registry.

If it was my PC, it would be out the window all smashed up on the road

  Jwbjnwolf 13:21 13 Feb 11

my mum had a lovely computer in which she had ever since win95 and she had tuneup utilities on and even back only a few years ago it was still working like new. and would still have it if we realised that it was the keyboard and mouse that it was moaning for(it was bleeping) and my mum thought that there was something wrong, so asked granddad to have a look at it but he said could not fix(only because he could not be bothered)

  User-312386 13:53 13 Feb 11

Turn off updates completly with xp! Then open a browser and click tools>windows updates.

You only need to check on the second tuesday every month as thats when MS release updates.

  mooly 14:33 13 Feb 11

5 to 6 minute sounds pretty slow.

504 of RAM ? Do you mean 0.5gb (500mb) as that would be the main reason I think.

Doesn't X.P. have a reputation for slowing with use in a way that Vista/W7 doesn't due to the way the registry is used. After 5 years + I think a reinstall and more RAM is the real answer... although try RAM first.

  gel 15:56 13 Feb 11

That's a lot of work for me to do
But I will try and see how I get on.
I only use the lap top for when I am touring with my caravan but I like to keep it up to date in case my desk top does a 'funny'

Thank you very much for all your comments

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