How do i stop messages comming up on screen?

  STEVE71163 15:32 24 Feb 03

Sorry to post the same question as yesterday but i thought i had it sorted out by disabling windows messenger but no such luck. I keep coming back to my computer after a few hours and the screen saver is stopped from turning off by a advertising message that i assume comes from windows messenger but i got it off the system yesterday so any ideas why i am still getting the messages?


  MAJ 15:35 24 Feb 03

It's not Windows Messenger that's causing the problem, STEVE71163, it's the Messenger Service. You have to disable that. From memory, I think jazzypop posted instructions on how to do that, yesterday. That is if it's the same thing we're talking about. Are these messages grey in colour with Messenger Service at the top?

  jazzypop 15:45 24 Feb 03

click here to see if it the same thing, if so the removal instructions are from a link halfway down on the right

  STEVE71163 15:46 24 Feb 03

Thanks for replying MAJ. Yes they are grey in colour and i think they do have messenger service at the top. The trouble is that they are normally pornographic sites being advertised which i dont want my 8 year old daughter seeing and also they stop my coral reef screensaver turning off which seems to make the computer heat up if left on to long.

  MAJ 15:49 24 Feb 03

They can also appear slightly larger than in jazzypop's here

  RamUK 15:57 24 Feb 03

Steve you're having the same problems as me mate. I tried it yesterday and it worked until I rebooted today when it seems to have reset and the same thing started all over again. So now I have just disabled it and I'll see how that goes.

Is this a new way of advertsing and are we likely to be getting more and more of this does anybody know?

  MAJ 16:00 24 Feb 03

Yes it's a new incidious way of advertising, RamUK, if you've diabled the Messenger service as described in the above links, you will see no more of them. I disabled it over a year ago and have never had one pop up.

  STEVE71163 16:04 24 Feb 03

Thanks everyone for replying. I think i will leave the thread open for now because i thought i had sorted it out yesterday! I have disabled it so hopefully thats that.

  platty100 18:32 24 Feb 03

hi you could try xp anti spy which will remove messenger all together can get it here click on the english one
click here

  PSF 22:01 24 Feb 03

click here

Have a look at this from the Microsoft site.

  ukgirl 09:27 25 Feb 03

I was wondering what those pop ups were and now i know!! Thanks guys:)

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