how do i stop limewire being blocked?

  lonemascot 12:16 30 Dec 05

I have downloaded Limewire. when i open the program my connection to the site is pants. I'm running on XP and use internet explorer as a browser. where do i go to allow this site to work?


  007al 12:28 30 Dec 05

What firewall are you using?
Check the top left of Limewire page(cant remember what its under)but theres a tab for connect and disconnect

  Arnie 12:36 30 Dec 05

Try this.

click here

  lonemascot 12:38 30 Dec 05

im using windows firewall with norton antivirus and auto protect. limewrire is listed in the 'allow exceptions' part of firewall settings.

  007al 12:46 30 Dec 05

Is it allowed in both windows and norton?

  SG Atlantis® 12:53 30 Dec 05

p2p is pants. You aren't connecting to a site but other peoples computers when you download.

Obviously the speed at which files are uploaded from other users' machines is going to determine how fast you obtain the files.

  lonemascot 13:12 30 Dec 05

SG Atlantis

I can't even start a download because I don't have a connection anything either throught the site or to another computer.


norton is just antivirus and checks files and folders. I can't find anything that related to allowing programs or internet sites to work. that just detailed in Windows Firewall.


I tried the link and followed the instructions but i'm still not connecting.

  SG Atlantis® 13:15 30 Dec 05

how are you connected to the interent?
Try a reinstall of the software?

I don't use p2p I have no need for sharing files so I am unsure of what would be the problem.

  lonemascot 13:20 30 Dec 05

im connected via a bt voyager 205 broadband router

  007al 13:21 30 Dec 05

Have you checked the top left of the limewire page for a connect tab?
Does your norton have internet security? Some are included in the package.
Alot of people use limewire and it can slow things down.Try this click here

  lonemascot 13:26 30 Dec 05


yes i tried that. i have got 1 bar thats green on the connection icon at the bottom right corner but that isn't enough to even search with.

i have norton systemworks and it doesn't contain internet security.

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