How do I stop CHKDSK?

  silverfox2 15:41 18 Dec 08

After downloading a Microsoft security update today and then restarting I get the message "A disk check has been scheduled.To skip press a key within 10 seconds".Pressing a key has no effect, presumably as the boot up has not got far enough for my USB keyboard to be recognised and the disk check takes about an hour to finish!
After declaring my drive OK I then get the usual screen where you can go into the BIOS by pressing delete etc followed by the desktop in the normal way.
How did this disk check get "scheduled" and how can I stop it?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  PO79 15:44 18 Dec 08
  €dstowe 16:28 18 Dec 08

Has anyone else had this?

After the IE update today, two of my machines have hung and on rebooting done an unasked for CHKDSK.

  Taff™ 16:36 18 Dec 08

Vista machine OK - What OS are yours €dstowe?

  €dstowe 16:44 18 Dec 08

These were XP Pro.

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