How do I set up wireless routers around my flat to enable wireless internet throughout?

  randompunk27 28 Jun 11

Hi Everyone,

I have recently moved into a new flat and with my wireless router in my livingroom I am unable to get good signal in either of the bedrooms? Its a more or less open plan flat so unless I have lead in the walls or something silly like that stopping the signal... I don't know!

What I am trying to do is have a wireless router in the livingroom and then one in the hall way so if I have a laptop in either the livingroom or bedrooms I will still pick up signal from the closest router!

I currently have a brand new Netgear DGND3300v2, Netgear DG834PN, Sagem F@ST2504 and a BT Home Hub 2.

I have read about having routers act as access points and the like but I am not great with networking to be honest. I have good computer skills so if it is explained to me I can pick it up rather well.

I would like the wireless router in the hall way to pick up the internet from the wireless router in the livingroom... wirelessly!

Is this possible, if so then how do I go about setting this up?

Any help with this will be extremely appreciated.

Many thanks,


  mgmcc 29 Jun 11

"Its a more or less open plan flat so unless I have lead in the walls or something silly like that stopping the signal... I don't know!"

Actually, some modern buildings do have sheets of aluminium foil in the walls for thermal insulation and this will kill WiFi signals.

Although it is possible to use wireless routers as Wireless Access Points, they would still have to be interconnected with ethernet cables, so this won't get you much further forward.

A possible solution would be to use Homeplugs which network via the mains electricity supply. There are "wireless" ones which could be used in the rooms where you need wireless access.


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