How do I set processor speed?

  3rdday 23:46 09 Sep 03

My PC has an Athlon 2100+ processor which seems to be running at 1.3GHz, when I believe it should be 1.7GHz(?) Is there any way of setting it to run at the proper speed?

  AndySD 00:11 10 Sep 03

Is your FSB (front Side Bus) Speed set to 100? as it should be 133

  3rdday 00:20 10 Sep 03

Don't know. How do I check that?

  AndySD 00:23 10 Sep 03

As you boot the PC tap away at Delete. This will get you into the BIOS/Setup the setting is there. (it may be another key but it should tell you which as you start the PC)

  3rdday 23:14 10 Sep 03

Was able to set the speed in the BIOS okay, and it is now running at full speed. It seems to be running a bit hot though, so I guess it may have reduced the speed itself as a safety measure? I guess I'll have to look at improving the cooling.

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