how do i set up a msi u100 for wifi without the cd

  markarm 17:34 27 Jul 10

as ther no disk drive is this possible must be as ther is cds in the book of the cpu? (belkin n wireless router)

  Technotiger 17:45 27 Jul 10

The MSI U100 has built-in WiFi. I don't have one of these, but perhaps you will get more information by reading the Manual.

  Ashrich 18:24 27 Jul 10

Is the Belkin wireless router running already ( is it connected to the internet ? ) if so .....

Switch on the wireless , usually you press fn+f11 , then scan for wireless networks , find yours and enter the security key ( twice in XP ) then click on connect ! No CD needed .

If you haven't set up the Belkin yet you need to connect to it using an ethernet cable , open a browser window and in the address bar , type in and press enter , the details of how to proceed further will have come in the documentation with the router .


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