How do i resolve read write error

  MorningBard 14:03 22 May 15

I have a dell inspiron 1120 laptop that beeps 4 times and it wont start. I've cleaned the ram boards and sockets have tried new ram but it still beeps and wont start just shuts fans off and continues with the series of four beeps. I've read that it could be a ram read write error but how can I solve this. Any suggestions please.

  rdave13 15:21 22 May 15

Try running on one stick of ram, if the same error, try the stick in the other socket. Try different ram one at a time. If you manage to boot up on one module you could try running this hardware test, Dell support

  MorningBard 16:49 22 May 15

Thanks for your reply but i've already tried two different sticks for ram there is only one stick in it normally I've tried both slots and no ram i've tried has worked some was brand new ram as well. When i start up it starts to bleep and the system fans shuts down and it just keeps doing the series of 4 beeps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:32 22 May 15

try with memory out does it beep twice?

then fit one stick and retry

  wee eddie 17:47 22 May 15

Visit the Dell site - Find out what MOBO is fitted - Check the Beep Codes.

  MorningBard 00:05 23 May 15

Yes i've tried the no memory then reseating it dont work but thanks for suggesting

  bumpkin 10:36 23 May 15

If not a memory issue it sounds like mobo or lack of power to it.

  bumpkin 10:37 23 May 15

Lack of sufficient power that is.

  MorningBard 10:58 23 May 15

Checked on dell site the 4 beeps are a Ram read write error and i've tried all the usual things new ram swapping ram around on both slots and one stick at a time .. Im beginning to think it's the MoBo now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:23 23 May 15

Remove mains lead and battery

press and hold power button for 30 secs

refit mains on ly and try to reboot.

  MorningBard 14:30 23 May 15

Ok I've tried that Fruit Bat same response as before from the netbook

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