How do I reserve an internal IP address?

  PeterCol 15:34 02 Feb 05

I am using the DHCP server on a windows XP pro computer to provide IP addresses to a small network. I have added a wireless router to the network to serve some laptops but its fixed IP address is outside the range of the server. I can set that to a value within the servers range but how do I set the DHCP server so that it does not allocate that address in future and cause a crash. Do I even need to worry about that?


  recap 15:41 02 Feb 05

In the DHCP server Right click Reservations then select New Reservation and fill in the details, you will need the MAC address of the device.

  FelixTCat 15:47 02 Feb 05

With most DHCP servers you can set the range of addresses for them to serve, e.g. to The DHCP server machine should have a fixed IP address, e.g. You might like to set the router to and the DHCP server to serve addresses starting

Presumably your XP Pro machine is the internet gateway.

An alternative, if possible, is to make the wireless router the internet gateway and serve IP addresses to all the computers. There is then no confusion.

  PeterCol 23:08 02 Feb 05

Where Do I find the DHCP server in XP Pro?

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