How do I remove a watermark from a JPEG

  wobblymike 21:04 18 Jul 05

I have inherited a CD full of JPEG images all of which have a watermark splashed across the middle of the picture. Does anyone know of a way I can remove this watermark.

  €dstowe 21:10 18 Jul 05

Think about the reason the watermark is there and you should be able to work out why it is not easily removable.

  woodchip 21:21 18 Jul 05

In a photo edit program turn Resolution up and use the Clone tool to remove

  €dstowe 22:23 18 Jul 05

Not an easy job for a CD full!

  Forum Editor 23:31 18 Jul 05

which is to protect the copyright-holder from unauthorised use of his/her/their property. You're not supposed to remove the watermark, so don't try, especially using the method recommended by woodchip - a five-year-old would be able to detect what you had done.

  jack 09:49 19 Jul 05

A final word perhaps-
Watermarks are there for copyright protection primarily, as stated but another use of water marks is by recovery/copy shareware for the non purchased
Essentially of course to get the fee.

Now wobblymike was not specific about the source except to say 'inherited' so assuming they are 'legit' images and all he wants to do is clean 'em up.
Then cloning in an image edit package is the only way
- not an enviable tast - but do-able

  Sans le Sou 10:44 19 Jul 05

Not necessarily.

  woodchip 10:57 19 Jul 05

protect copyright-holder from unauthorised use of his/her/their property. Does include Shareware

  Nontek 07:46 24 May 11

The best way to remove water-marks, is to BUY the pictures you want to keep!

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