How do I remove a duplicate "*Favourites" folder?

  cruachan 14:17 19 Nov 05

Following a system recovery, and copying date back to the C partition, I've got two *Favourites folders there. The system won't let me delete either simply by pressing DEL, because they are essential to Windows operation.
How do I get rid of one, please?

Mike E

  Kenneth-266656 18:14 19 Nov 05

Try system restore - last known good configuration. What data are you trying to copy back?

  cruachan 18:30 19 Nov 05

All data, from an external HD used for backup.
(Necessary because of C reformat after a System Restore that failed.)
(By the way, I find System Restore gnerally dodgy: Acronis does the business for me.)
The problem has solved itself: I moved some of the data back off the C drive again, and the extra "*Favourites" disappeared! I'm happy with the result, but don't like it, because I don;t understand why it happened.

Thanks for your response, anyway, Torwalker.

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