How do I reinstall XP Pro without loosing data?

  Fiery251 16:24 23 Aug 03

It seems like a simple question, but I want to reinstall XP Pro onto my D: drive, without loosing my existing data located on it.

Can someone explain in laymans terms, just how I can go about this?.

  Fiery251 16:37 23 Aug 03

After searching through topics with similar titles here, I have followed some of the advice.

The problem I am having, is that after pressing F8 at the EULA, I dont get the option to press "R". It just wants to reinstall a new installation.

The reason I'm trying to reinstall XP, is that I run a dual boot system with 98SE on my C: drive and XP Pro on a seperate D: drive.
I reinstalled 98SE a few days ago, and as a result, lost the dual boot manager that normally comes up after the POST. I've delved into how to correct this, but it all seems kind of complex, having to mess around with the boot.ini etc, and reinstalling would seem to be the painless option.
I tried "fixboot", and thought I had sorted it, but upon rebooting, it informed me that "NTLDR" was missing.

It's not a great problem, if need be I will just have to reinstall a fresh XP, and loose some of my data, I've moved a lot of things I need to keep, to my E: drive, but I'd like to minimise any hassles and keep whats already on D:.

  powerless 16:43 23 Aug 03
  Fiery251 17:41 23 Aug 03

Thanx for the link.

It would appear that rather than booting from CD, the easiest option would be to start 98SE, and run setup from the XP Pro CD from there, choosing the "Upgrade(Recommended)" option?.

Will doing this, upon restarting after reinstallation, result in me having a working boot manager again?.

  powerless 17:47 23 Aug 03

Well i have never done the upgrade bit. But i think it would try to install XP pro to the 98 drive.

Try and choose the repair option on XP which will reinstall XP to the XP drive and thus detecting 98 and giving you the boot screen when its finished.

  Fiery251 18:13 23 Aug 03

Your right. I think it will install to the 98 partition if I choose the upgrade option.

I cant choose the recovery option, as it doesnt give me the option to press R at any point, probably because the actual install of XP is perfectly fine, and it isnt being detected as having any problems needing repaired. Its just the boot manager menu is missing, not anything inherintely wrong with XP itself.

  xania 21:05 23 Aug 03

I think there's a major point being overlooked here. You want to save your data - surely you
are backing it up? If not - you should be and tht will solve your problem. click here for even better guidance on how to work with multiple OS's and partitions.

  powerless 21:13 23 Aug 03

Reinsatlling (by repairing) XP saves the personal files and folders.

But you right backup first, just in case!

  powerless 21:15 23 Aug 03

Thier should be the repair option.

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