How do I reinstall Windos Me

  billy 21:38 21 Jan 03
  billy 21:38 21 Jan 03

I am getting lots of blue screens. triad a few threads for help but cannot solve it; beyond my capabilities. I thought I would reload Windows Me and start again. How do I do that?

  spikeychris 22:05 21 Jan 03

Billy are you saying you want to re-install? or install over the top?

Personally I would format and start again, that is unless you want to repost your problems...

First of all you will have to back up all your data as the below will get rid of all information stored.

You will have to create a startup disk first and that is done by...

Creating A Windows ME Startup Disk:

1. Insert a blank 3.5 disk into your floppy drive.
2. Open Add/Remove Programs properties in Control Panel.
3. Click the Startup Disk tab, and then click Create Disk.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Then its time to format...

1. Insert your startup floppy & your Windows ME CD, Restart the computer.

2. Choose option 2 "start windows with CD-ROM support" when prompted.

3. Take note of your CD-ROM's drive letter.

4. At the A:\prompt type in format C: and press enter.

5. Choose YES when asked to proceed with format by pressing the letter Y and then pressing enter. Format will run.

6. After format is complete Enter a volume label then press enter or just press enter for none.An A:\ prompt will appear.

Note: Your not required to enter a volume label, you may leave this empty and simply press enter to continue.

7. At the A:\prompt type in D:\setup and press enter (thats if D is your drive letter)

Follow the screen prompts


  User-312386 22:05 21 Jan 03

1st question is do you have the original ME disc or a "restore to factory settings disc"?

  Quiller. 22:08 21 Jan 03


Insert a blank 3.5 disk into your floppy drive.

How old is the computer. lol

  VoG™ 22:12 21 Jan 03


  Quiller. 22:19 21 Jan 03


"1. Insert a blank 3.5 disk into your floppy drive."

Does that mean insert a 3 1/2" floppy or have I lost the plot?


  spikeychris 22:31 21 Jan 03

Not the sponser but, what is your struggling with :o)



  spikeychris 22:33 21 Jan 03

More interested in seeing if 3½" would work I forgot to say "it", as in "what is your struggling with"


  Quiller. 22:43 21 Jan 03

Please excuse my ignorance. I wondered what the reference to " 3.5 " meant in (1) create a start up disk.

As an older user this takes me back to the 720k 3 1/2" floppy disks on older computers.

I tried to work this in to metric with no luck. lol

I am interested if this is a new terminology?

  VoG™ 22:48 21 Jan 03

I think that you must be referring to 5¼" floppies, which really were!

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