How do I record and playback using Freecom DVB-T s

  Ray5776 19:34 29 Mar 06

Hello all,
I have tried other sites to try to resolve this first
but they are often difficult to navigate and impersonal so I will have to bore this forum with yet another question.

I have a Freecom DVB-T USB stick which works fine for watching digi TV, what I cant seem to grasp is how to record or playback anything. Got this Xmas, still cant do it, I have been through the manual word by word but cant make it work.

Can anyone help please.


  Stuartli 19:42 29 Mar 06

I've downloaded the PDF manual:

click here

and an explanation of how to do recordings is available in Section 3.2

  Ray5776 19:56 29 Mar 06

I have the manual in front of me and am looking at section 3.2.
I would not have posted this unless I had tried what it says in the manual time after time.


  Stuartli 20:05 29 Mar 06

Are you trying to record one program whilst watching another as this is not normally possible (unless, with some cards, both are being transmitted on the same transponder)?

It might be worth reinstalling the DTV software and/or drivers.

The instructions are somewhat complicated on initial reading and perhaps it may be a case of not seeing the wood for the trees - it happens to us all at some time or other.

  woodchip 20:15 29 Mar 06

Have you done a search in the Digital World forum on the left

  Ray5776 20:25 29 Mar 06

thanks Stuartli, I can start recording using the record button on the console, same prog that I am watching, clock starts recording the amount of time running.
Finding it and replaying it seems to be the problem,
manual says saved to C:\Program files\DVT\DVB-T USB 2.0\Capture\Video.mpg.
When I try this there is no capture.
Probably is not seeing the wood for the trees, can someone point out the wood please.


  woodchip 20:31 29 Mar 06

In Windows Explorer, click Win key + E.

C:\Program files\DVT\DVB-T USB 2.0\Capture\Video.mpg

Is the path to the video file

  woodchip 20:31 29 Mar 06

PS to replay just double click the file

  ruskle 20:32 29 Mar 06

To record a program click on the record icon on the little oval panel which has the channel numbers on the left hand side and a round disc with the record icon on the left hand side.
After you have recorded a program, either live or timed, use the same panel and click on "file" which is the 3rd from the right on the very bottom. select which program you want to watch and watch it.

You cannot watch and record at the same time, also I find that if you select the place where you have stored the program you recorded it to it won't work, you must go via the above method.

I use it quite a lot and it took me a while to sort it.

Best of luck. I love the Gizmo the picture is superb with the little stick even.

  Ray5776 20:43 29 Mar 06

Thanks to you all,
Wood for the trees as Stuarli said, now sorted and working fine, printed out for future ref and put in the unclear manual.

Thanks againn ray

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