How do I record an adio clip from my CD drive?

  Red Herring 16:32 30 May 03

I am trying to record audio clips from a CD on my CD drive. When I use Windows media player, the recorded clip plays back but with no volume - despite all my volume levels being set at max. Am I missing a simple trick or do I need to use a different media player? Any suggestions would be helful.

  Turkey Tech 16:47 30 May 03

It would sound as though there is probably a problem with the way you are recording the sound in the first place. Burn the file to a cd and try it on a mates pc to test.

Most probable cause is a problem with the mixer when you are recording, but without more details as to exactly what you are doing its difficult to comment.

I hope you own the copyright for the material.


  Red Herring 16:54 30 May 03

........and in fact am trying to record clips off several CD's to make an intro quiz CD. The Cd's (in the CD-Rom drive) play just fine in Windows media player, so I'm not sure why it isn't recording to the HDD.

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