How do i re-fformat SATA drive

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 15:27 24 Feb 04

I know how to format normal IDE hard drives....but i just tried formatting my SATA drive so that i can re-install windows but it says i don't have any hard drives installed.

Is there a different procedure for re-formatting SATA drives?



  Eric10 15:48 24 Feb 04

It will most likely be a driver problem. Try your hard drive manufacturer's website. They will most likely have software to prepare their drives. e.g. Maxtor has Maxblast, Seagate has DiscWizard.

Dont forget that a SATA drive requires extra drivers to load before windows is able to see the drive. If you are reformatting then these drivers are not loaded when the format program is and therefore windows cannot see the drive.

If you are using windows XP you will see a message when booting from the CD that you must press F^ to install SCSI or Raid drivers. You need to have your serial ATA drivers on a floppy and hit (yep - you guessed it) F6 - you will then be asked (in a few seconds) to insert the floppy with the drivers on and windows will then load them. After this, continue to reformat as you would normally as windows will now have the drivers and will see the disk.

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 22:49 24 Feb 04

thanks for replies but i am still struggling with this.

I have located some drivers on the ASUS website but they don't appear to still won't recongnize hard drive.

Does anybody know where i can find the motherboard drivers for a asus k8v??

Is it the motherboard drivers that i need or is it the hard drive drivers?

I wish i would have chosen an ide hard drive much more simpler

  Chegs ® 00:21 25 Feb 04

You want the Si3112(r) to access the hdd.The (r)is RAID and only if you wish to setup a RAID system,although either will do to simply format the drive.The mobo cd should have these drivers on it,and save you from trying to locate them on Asus site.

  Chegs ® 00:26 25 Feb 04


I just went and had a look at the mobo specs,its one of those!I advised you to get the Si3112,and I tried helping another chap set up his system,its the Promise driver you need.If your unable to find it on the mobo cd,I will relocate the previous thread and look up the link for the Promise controller.

  Chegs ® 00:28 25 Feb 04
  davy_b 19:27 26 Feb 04

i got my drivers of the cd for asus a7n8xe deluxe. i was supposed to get a floppy disk with them on it but it was not in the box, get them from the cd. follow the instructions smiffy 99 has posted

  Chegs ® 22:40 26 Feb 04

Its Ctrl+F to load this boards SATA driver.

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