How do I protect the data on a memory stick

  Boy Zone 19:24 PM 02 Jul 11

I want to send files to a friends to review, I don't want to email these but send them via external post on a morory stick. Can you please suggest something free to use to enable me to protect the data whilst in transit? I've looked at some on the web but they all seem to cost the earth, even though they state as beeing free.....

  robin_x 19:42 PM 02 Jul 11

Truecrypt is the best. Axcrypt is very good and easier to setup. Download from cnet

Not email but... Dropbox on-line storage gives you 2GB free. Encrypt a file and drop it in your dropbox folder. Then send a link to the recipient and they download.

Google 'How to use Dropbox' for more details. It's a useful app anyway, even if you want to stick to posting mem sticks.

  proudfoot 10:11 AM 03 Jul 11

I have used Cryptainer for many years and is simple to use.


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