how do i paste a photo on this page ?

  ROB.R 11:27 09 Feb 06

how do i paste a photo on this page ?

  SANTOS7 11:30 09 Feb 06

click here
use this....

  anskyber 11:31 09 Feb 06

I think it is a banned move on this site. You could post a link which takes thr reader to a web site with the pic on.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:33 09 Feb 06

This is good
click here

  SANTOS7 11:35 09 Feb 06

anskyber since when has useing imageshack been banned i only used it yesterday unless over night the ban fairy has been!!!

  SANTOS7 11:37 09 Feb 06
  GroupFC 11:53 09 Feb 06

I'd already replied to this at click here!!!

ROB.R it's not a good idea to post two threads on the same point, as it just confuses the forumites like me - LOL!!

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