How do I open a server to get at the hard drives?

  buel 22:06 21 Jan 14

Hi all, I have got my hands on an old working server from my employer and I would like to get at at least one of the hard drives inside it. However, I have no idea how to open it? Here are some pics in case this will help: click here help would be appreciated, Thank you in advance!


  lotvic 23:50 21 Jan 14

I couldn't quite read the model number, ???? something? put the numbers in below instead of the ??s

Do a google search for 'how to open a Dell Poweredge ???? server casing to remove hard drives' and you will get the full instructions with pictures (Dell are good in this respect :))

  buel 19:39 22 Jan 14
  buel 19:41 22 Jan 14

Hi, Thanks, I managed to get one of the hard drives out but they have a connection that my external hd enclosure will not fit. my external enclosure has both SATA and IDE, what would these HD connections be please? I will try to post a photo of it....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 22 Jan 14

If its old they may be sccsi drives

  bumpkin 21:12 22 Jan 14

What capacity are the drives? is it worth bothering.

  buel 22:24 22 Jan 14

Ah, on closer inspection it is not worth it, 32gb drives. Damn. And Fruitbat, the server is 2003 so yes, very old. :0(

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