how do i open port 6888 in my belkin router/modem?

  The GnoMe 20:54 21 Oct 05

hi all just as the title says, i cannot figure out how to do it, what is a trigger port ? questions questions can anyone help me please

  The GnoMe 21:40 21 Oct 05

sorry it was port 6881

  woodchip 21:45 21 Oct 05
  The GnoMe 21:53 21 Oct 05

hi thanks for that, but i got all that info already, i have found this click here

but dont know what to put in the first box of the virtual pathways, the box under the ip address, the guy in the guide has put 4 but this is not working for me, what would i put in the first box?

  woodchip 21:57 21 Oct 05

No IDEA all I can do is try to give you info to work with, as I have never had to do what ever you are trying to do. A bit more info and OS would not come amiss

  The GnoMe 22:00 21 Oct 05

bit more info, well if using win xp home, tyring to use bittorrent, not sure what to put in box one. if you look at the guide i gave you, about half way down the page is a screenshot of my router settings the virtual pathways, i just need to find out what to put in box one, under the ip address.
Its ok if you dont know the answer im sure someone will, thanks for your time anyway

  woodchip 22:09 21 Oct 05

Do you mean this Box "Enter Static IP Address" if so

This may help it's my config Windows setup auto IP address

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  The GnoMe 22:22 21 Oct 05

sorry no i have not made myself totally clear.

you see half way down the page, were he has put a screen shot under this

'On the left hand side click Virtual Servers. This will bring you to the following menu. '

well on that screen shot under the heading 'lan ip address' there is a white box, and he has put 4 in there, well this is what i am not sure what to put in when i access that setting in 'my' router.

  woodchip 22:39 21 Oct 05

In the Box it should be if its as is,

If you look at mine its this is for static IP address

  Chegs ® 01:16 22 Oct 05

I think the guy has put a 4 as he's using an IP address You need to put 192.168.*.* [where * is your IP address choice eg:]

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