How do I merge folders ?

  EARLR 03 Dec 11

Containing video files.


  rdave13 03 Dec 11

Not sure what you mean but you could open one folder and copy the content then paste to the other folder. You could also open one folder then drag and drop the other folder to it. Whatever you try make backups first just in case.

  EARLR 04 Dec 11

I am looking for an easier way like "move" in the context menu.

  lotvic 04 Dec 11

Is this what you are looking for

There is a same for XP - just google for it.

  Bapou 04 Dec 11

If it's copy or move the folders to another without opening the target folder you seek, How To Geeks offers registry hacks which add these to the right click menu in XP, Vista and Windows 7.

I've used these changes to registry for Windows 7 without any problem although it's still advisable to back your registry just in case.

  EARLR 06 Dec 11

I have all of those. I want to merge one folder into another.

  Woolwell 06 Dec 11

EARLR - unless you mean you want to join videos together then rdave13's method is almost certainly the easiest. Highlight the folder or files you want to copy or move (safer to copy then delete), ctrl-c for copy, open the destination folder or go across to an already open destination window and ctrl-v paste.


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