how do I manage partitions

  tesfred 10:04 AM 07 Aug 11

Please help, I have bought a computer with a 40 gb hard drive, it as been partioned into 2, a 10 gb master (C) and a 30 gb partion (D). How can I resize it so that it is a complete 40 gb hard drive? Many thanks. tesfred1944

  rawprawn 10:31 AM 07 Aug 11

What is the Operating System

  rawprawn 10:34 AM 07 Aug 11

Windows 7 or Vista Reisize Partition

  tesfred 19:51 PM 07 Aug 11

Windows XP

  rawprawn 20:41 PM 07 Aug 11

You need a partition manager, try this free one

  tesfred 16:31 PM 08 Aug 11

Many thanks rawprawn, it worked a treat, I now have the full 40 gb working on my computer. Once again, my sincere thanks for your help. Tesfred1944.

  rawprawn 16:54 PM 08 Aug 11

tesfred I'm glad you are sorted. RP

  Karakorum 01:23 AM 10 Aug 11

You may regret not keeping your personal files on a separate partition to your Windows System if you ever have a crash and have to do a system restore.

If everything is on one partition your personal files will get wiped when Windows wipes the System partition and replaces them with new System files.

  Karakorum 01:25 AM 10 Aug 11

Sorry, I meant if you ever have to do a system 'Re-install'.


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