How do I link to another thread

  bumpkin 30 May 13

Hi, I should be able to do this but I cannot create and post a link from one of my earlier threads to one of todays questions which I think would be helpful to him.

  Zak 30 May 13

Please try opening the page you want in another tab and then copy the URL into the hyperlink in your "post" page.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 30 May 13


Right click thread title on Forum page

open this thread click on the globe paste the link - click OK

  retep888™ 30 May 13


Are you looking for this thread <<Wireless relays, can someone clarify please>> click here

  bumpkin 30 May 13

retep888, yes and I want to send it to Bumble1000 who asked about this sort of thing. Thanks

  bumpkin 30 May 13

Thanks fruitbat I have been told this before but what globe where? or do I need a visit to Specsavers.

  bumpkin 30 May 13

Zak, "Please try opening the page you want in another tab"

I don't understand what you mean here, could you explain please. ie "another tab"

  Zak 30 May 13

Hi bumpkin - just open a new tab in your browser and then find the page for the forum thread you are looking for. You will still have the current thread open where you are posting the reply. You could even open another instance of your browser; but do not close the current one you are viewing.

I hope you don't mind but I saw your request just now and have posted the link as you requested.

  bumpkin 30 May 13

Hi Zak, thanks for posting the link for me, hope it helps him. What I can,t seem to grasp is this "globe" thing which would seem to be the easiest way if someone can tell me where it is.

  Woolwell 30 May 13

The globe is in the Reply to this topic box to the right of the I

  bumpkin 30 May 13

OK, so this is an open thread. So I highlight the title. Next thing is click on the globe. There is no globe.


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