How do I keep a Tiscali PAYG account alive?

  pj123 18:24 10 Aug 05

I used to have a Fax to Email account with Trinite which cost me £23 a year. Not a lot I know but Tiscali are offering the same service for free providing you have an account with them.

I have just set up a Dialup account with Tiscali and now have their Fax to Email service. But to keep this account active is it enough to just send myself a fax now and then or do I have to receive and send lots of emails via Tiscali.

I am on NTL Broadband and also have an AOL dialup account as a backup in case BB goes down.

  Jackcoms 18:32 10 Aug 05

Wouldn't it be wiser to pose this question to Tiscali?

  spuds 18:49 10 Aug 05

Just use the account as and when,but at least once a month so it remains active.

  Stuartli 19:49 10 Aug 05

If you don't use the service - perhaps once or twice every three months - Tiscali will withdraw the facility.

You then need to reactivate it but you will get a new number.

Tiscali does make its money by taking a small proportion of the phone calls involved.

  Stuartli 21:04 10 Aug 05

I just send the occasion Test fax to my fax number if I need to keep it active.

  Dipso 22:17 10 Aug 05

I can't remember the last time I dialled in. I don't even have the dial up settings on my PC and I can still recieve emails from my Tiscali accounts. Don't know if it's different for the fax service though.

  Stuartli 22:20 10 Aug 05

That was the very point I was making...:-)

  Dipso 13:40 11 Aug 05

Obviously not very clearly :-)

  David4637 14:04 11 Aug 05

Dial up once very 2 months and you will keep the PAYG active. David

  pj123 14:40 11 Aug 05

Thanks for all the advice everyone. I will try sending myself an email and a fax occasionally. See how it goes.


  Stuartli 18:23 11 Aug 05

Ah, but pj123 was asking about keeping the fax to e-mail service active despite the thread title....:-)

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