How do I keep these programmes?

  barrydol 17:00 29 Dec 06

My PC's becoming fairly sluggish so I've decided to restore it to its factory settings.Its a 5yr old IBM machine using XP pro. Since I bought it i've added an extra HD. However there are 2 or 3 programmes on my original HD I would really like to keep but I don't have the installation CD's etc. Can I use Window's Backup facility to copy these programmes on to my extra HD, perform the factory settings operation and then restore the backups? Would this work? Dont want to lose anything. Thanks.

  Technotiger 17:05 29 Dec 06

Hi, by far the best way is to use Acronis True Image to make a complete backup of the original hd - this will backup absolutely everything! Easy to use and very quick.

  anskyber 17:15 29 Dec 06

Yes Acronis is excellent but the Acronis restore will also restore everything including any faults before the PC restore.

  megat193 17:21 29 Dec 06

This will return the PC to exactly as it was when you bought it, and the Windows Registry will have no record of the programmes you have installed since. So, I am sorry to say, you will need installation disks or, if they were downloads, the original setup files to reinstall the software.

Drive Images are not the answer. And just copying the program '.exe' file won't work either because the registry won't have the '.dll' files etc.

  mymate 17:27 29 Dec 06

But i copied all my programs ,using Nero.Then put them all back on to my new computer.That worked for me.I clicked on "back up data" on Nero,then backed up my programs on to a disc and installed them all back on my new computer.

  harry12 17:31 29 Dec 06

why not just copy to other hard drive and after restoring copy back.

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